Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Back From Somewhere Else

Been gone for a few days. Rolled into town today around 2:00 and kids rolled off the bus an hour later.

Practice tonight. I haven't practiced myself for days. I hope to get a couple of new songs in tonight. Last Saturday I came across the set list for the March 1, 2012 Fear + Whiskey show with Zack Simpson as our drummer. Amy, Zack and I learned twenty songs in a month! (Well, Amy and I had already learned most of the songs...we just had to incorporate Zack into the band. He's actually the one who had to learn twenty songs in a month. He did, incredibly.) But that was different since, two of us knew the songs already. And we'd been playing steadily for two years.

Anyhow. Gotta go.

Thanks again to Jim Santo for writing a nice little review of THE HAUNTED LIFE (from 1992):

"Jim was, and is, an essential artist in the cassette underground; beyond question one of the finest songwriters I encountered in my travels through the Demo Universe. Recording under his own name and, more often, as Book Of Kills, his music stirs Dylan, Lennon & Young into a rough and tumble gumbo of poetic, impassioned American Rock like you want it. Much more from this guy to come.

"Mixed September 27-30, 1992, The Haunted Life cassette, Jim’s seventh release in three years, was accompanied by extensive, evocative liner notes (click the images below to enlarge). The track listing above is from his official discography, but the order does not match the liner notes. Does it matter? You can figure it out if it matters to you."