Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Archive & Single #7 Updates

Yesterday I received a call from friend/musician/BOK fan Gary Bugg who informed me that he'd more or less accidentally found a VHS tape of the only live performance in front of an audience of the 2004 Book of Kills line-up consisting of Brian Temples, Dustin Bugg, and Mike Chiarello. This came as a complete surprise to me because I had no idea anyone had ever video taped that show. I know (as I've alluded to here previously) that there are some other video tapes of earlier BOK shows still in existence that I've never seen and would LOVE to have a copy of, but this one? No. And...Gary also located another tape that apparently no one remembered even existed of me performing at a benefit show with various younger and older musicians all the way back in 1989! I'll be meeting up with Gary next week to get both tapes so that I can convert them to digital.

As far as single #7 goes, I spent a little time yesterday recording the first track of what will be another two song disc. I should finish that one up today. The second song's arrangement has been mapped out, so I hope to finish that one next week and mail the discs by Thursday or Friday. I haven't worked up any artwork for this one yet. Got to admit...that's a big part of the fun of making these discs.