Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Another Vintage BOK Album Available Soon

It's May Day! Whatever that means.

CDBaby has notified me that it's time to upload my "free" album to be distributed through all of the national and international online music stores. I think this one will be 1994's SONGS FOR A GONE WORLD, surely the strangest album I ever released, and certainly one of my least popular, but to this day one I still have much affection for, though honestly I haven't listened to it in many years.

This past April earned the distinction of having the second most mp3 downloads ever from bookofkills.com (17,805), even though I haven't put up many (maybe one? two?) new songs on the audio page in weeks. (I guess I need to address that issue, eh?) January still holds the record with a (to me) mind-boggling 20,000+ songs downloaded. Regardless, thanks for listening!

And don't forget to let others know about BOK. AND...don't forget to stream at least one BOK song you haven't heard (or haven't heard in a long time or maybe since yesterday) each and every day of your life. And if you're in a really swell mood, why not download a song? Then it's yours forever!