Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Another EXCELLENT Show

Last night's gig with SLeePFeeDeR and Buck Gooter was another outstanding night of rock and roll. I've been really surprised at how much energy each of our shows have generated. It's almost as if each one has fed on the one before it, creating an ever greater musical behemoth. We played the same set again but we all agreed last evening that we needed to add for the time being another four songs. I hope we can practice fairly regularly. I don't know when there'll be another show, but I don't really want to play one until we refresh the set list. I'm hoping we incorporate a song that each of us can take the lead vocal on. I don't know if I'm going to upload the show. I mastered it and broke it up into separate wav files today. If I don't upload it, I suppose if you really really want to hear it you can contact me and perhaps I can arrange to send you a CD for shipping/CD costs.