Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

And Then There Were None

I worked for hours this week, Tuesday through today, to finish up the final single. I must say I rushed it a bit to get the mixing, mastering, artwork, and CD labeling and burning all done today, but it was either that or wait at least another three or four days before I could get back to recording since I'll be busy through the weekend. I think it turned out well. I hope the few of you who'll get to hear it in a few days will enjoy it. Now I'm going to take some time off from writing and recording. There have certainly been a number of very productive periods in my musical "career", but never have I had a run like this...52 released tracks, 39 of which were newly written originals.

Over the course of twelve releases, I can say pretty confidently that there were three excellent CDs (HUMAN AGAIN, I ROAM THE WORLD BETWEEN and #12, which is definitely quirky but easily one of my favorites in the series), two or three really good ones, and six or seven decent ones which would truthfully have served best as discs to cherry pick an album from. That's not to denigrate the work I did. I tried hard every month to create good musical value for those of you who so graciously chose to support me. I promised 24 songs and more than doubled that.

I won't be avoiding music completely, of course. George Nipe III and I have talked about getting together and jamming, so perhaps one last real band is in the offing. I've said, of course, that I'd like there to be one last version of Book of Kills for a year or two of occasional shows. We'll see. I have to go down to Charlottesville next week to (finally) pick up my p.a., guitar amp, mics, and so forth, from Johnny St. Ours' house where I left them after the one and only reunion practice of the Karl Rove back in the spring.

I gotta do some eBay stuff and get up really early tomorrow. Talk to you soon.