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And Syd Vicious Died On This Day

Syd Vicious died on this day in 1979. Heroin, I think. Doesn't matter whether it was drugs or puppies. Regardless, he's dead.

Also on this day, in 1959, Buddy Holly played his last-ever live show. Of course, he would die in a plane crash the next day. As I've written before, I cannot fail to wonder, around this time every year, what Holly might have accomplished had he not died at the age of 23. Remember, he would have only been 31 at the end of 1967. I think he was enough of a restless innovator, and probably a musical genius, that we can assume he would have continued to explore new musical paths throughout the '60s. I don't think he would've followed the same course as his contemporaries such as Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and others, and simply recycled his '50s sound endlessly. Granted, the great majority of musicians have created their best music by 30, but I wonder if that would've been true of Holly.

I continue to work on the "Interviews" page. I just haven't been able to figure out how to do a few things. It's not as though there are that many interviews anyway but in the past when I had the Book Of Kills page on a different server and had a much more comprehensive site, the interview page seemed to be quite popular. Shouldn't be too awful long before I have at least 4-5 of them (the interviews, that is) up.