Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

...And About The Photos Page...

Another matter that I've forgotten to address here on the blog page is the lack of photos from certain eras of Book Of Kills history. The fact of the matter is I have very few photographs featuring the original line-up with Brian Temples, Dusty Bugg, George Finch, the 1997 line-up with Brian and Dave Buracker, Brock Beatty, and the 2004 line-up with Brian, Dusty, Mike Chiarello. I'd love to upload more photos of those group, so if you have any you could scan and email me, it would be most appreciated. It's very easy to do. Why not give the folks who'd love to see more a chance to do so?

I know that a handful of videos of pre-1998 BOK line-ups exist, but I've never been able to convince the folks who possess them to let me digitize them. 

And as far as uploading more unreleased music from the 2000-2003 era BOK featuring Casey and Jane Firkin, Randy Simpson, and Bill Bird, I know I made many cassette tapes of practices and gigs, but I'll be darned if I know where they are! I would love to provide folks with some downloads of that stuff, but I can't.