Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Album Notes

I had a lot of free time today and didn't need to worry about cramming everything I normally try to get done (sundry chores - cleaning, laundry, fixing dinner, mowing, etc - web stuff, book selling/ebay/auction/thrift store work, and so on before 2:30-3:00 rolled around, and it just seemed to sort of free my mind up to go back to the ten songs I'd more or less finished for the new album, and I actually worked on all ten of them...adding a bit of vocal or guitar, altering mixes, and so forth...and I realized that thus far it's a much better piece of work than perhaps I'd given it credit for being. Yesterday I was actually considering releasing the ten finished songs and calling it an album. I'd gotten into a different frame of mind and was ready to head off into a new direction. But now I think I need to exercise a bit of self-restraint and stick to the original plan of creating a fourteen track album before considering tackling any new project. And if that takes another month or two or longer, whatever. I'll stick with the plan until the plan has been brought to fruition. After nearly a month of coming up with one riff after another for the eleventh song, I finally hit on a very simple, almost cliche-ish run of four notes that I realized would serve what the song it supposed to be far better than the more convoluted, involved riffs I was writing almost daily (and committing to my phone...I have a giant bank of riffs on it now!) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will most likely be busy, but I'm hoping next week will see some intensive work on more new music. I think taking this time off was merited and wise.