Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Additional Thoughts

First, it must be noted that on this day in 1942, the great rock genius Paul McCartney was born. According to online sources, Paul has written or co-written 188 charting songs, 91 of which reached the top ten, and 33 of which went to number one. Paul met John Lennon on July 6, 1957. John was quite impressed that Paul knew how to tune a guitar and soon after asked Paul to join his band.

A while back, I think I might have announced that I'd be creating a CD version of BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME 5 to send out to anyone who'd purchased the download. This was the first time I'd ever created an album and released it solely as a download without at least accompanying it with a tape or CD version. Now mind you, I didn't promise anyone that they'd get a CD and the download, since I didn't even view the release as requiring a tangible physical product. That said, I have been trying to create a CD to give to faithful listeners who've been purchasing BOK albums from me for several years simply as a gesture of my sincere appreciation for their support. However, my crap HP computer keeps shutting down totally at random moments (usually when I'm working on the artwork for the album insert or trying to burn a label on the CD), and I literally cannot finish anything...insert, label, CD, what have you. My MacBook Pro (which never crashes...knock on wood) doesn't have the software I need to create CD labels, so I'm stymied right now. I cannot bring myself to buy another PC, though I will eventually be upgrading my MacBook. I've never had a PC that didn't screw up somehow, usually not long after I bought it. I'm done with them. That might mean I'm also done with CDs. There are, of course, other ways to release an album physically...the most obvious being on USB flash drives. They're obviously not as cool as CDs and not even remotely as cool as records used to be, but they do have their advantages. So, if I cannot somehow soon fix the PC, it's going to be recycled and that would mean the end of BOK CDs I guess.

Speaking of records, on this day in 1948, Columbia began the first-ever mass production of long-playing 33 1/3 rpm vinyl albums.

I'll have more soon on the possibility of my second attempt to resurrect the BOK "Single of the Month", maybe as soon as later today. I'm trying to work out what a year's subscription would entail.

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson