Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills



Perhaps I shouldn't put myself under the gun like this (creatively speaking, of course), but this being John's 74th birthday and (obviously, a year from now) John's 75th birthday, I thought it would be a neat musical goal to create one last "great"  Book Of Kills album (yeah...I know...I'm assuming that some time in the past I made a "great" BOK record in the first place) and release it on this day in 2015 sort of in honor of the man who almost single-handed (with assistance from Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Jerry Garcia, and Bob Dylan) made me want to create music, God willing and if the creeks don't rise. That gives me a year to write and record maybe 16-18 songs from which I could choose 12-14 for the record. Okay...I'll do it. I'll accept my own challenge. I'm sure, with this announcement, that I've just sent massive waves of shock rumbling throughout the cultures of the world. Let's face it...RIDING THE ECHO DOWN was a wee bit, shall we say, petulant in its outlook. I wouldn't want that record to stand as the last thing I ever released.