Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

About Last Night, Again

Drove to Charlottesville in my 13 year-old RAV4 last evening to practice with Johnny St. Ours, Aaron Farrington, and Billy Hunt. Johnny lives in an interesting part of town...one that I didn't even know existed in Charlottesville. Met his lovely girlfriend (Taj?) from New Zealand who is visiting (I think) for several weeks.

I got there a little after 7 and carried all the equipment around the back of the house and set it all up in a downstairs room. Taj(?) kindly brought me a beer. Billy and Aaron showed up about a half hour later and we were soon jamming again for the first time in 10 years. It was (typically) loud and pretty out of tune most of the time. I think we started off with "River of Blood". It's funny how different everything sounds when Karl Rove plays a song as opposed to BOK or Fear + Whiskey which all tend to have a somewhat similar sound. While there's really nothing that I'd want to post in its entirety from the practice, I might create some sort of short melange of excerpts and post it for a few days on the Audio page, when and if I get the time. I haven't listened to the recording yet. It might be completely unusable. Like I said, things got pretty loud.

We played "God Bless" once and a couple of others that we used to do. Johnny also broke out a new song that I really liked. Don't remember the name of it. I introduced "Filling in Holes", a song from the Singles Series, which everyone seemed to like quite a bit. I think we played that one more than anything. We also ran through "Heaven" once, but I'd be surprised if we continued to play that one.

All in all, it was fun playing with those guys again. They're all talented and intense and love music. I don't know how serious anyone is about the band, however. Afterward, Johnny told me that he was certain his film-making business would soon require most of his attention elsewhere. But he did, on the other hand, seem quite happy to be playing music again. I left a few pieces of the P.A. there, since we semi-agreed to come back and jam again next week. We'll see what happens.

Speaking of the Singles Series, I've worked a bit on the third and final track and got the drums done, but little else. The workmen are pounding almost incessantly on the walls outside and it's tough getting much done. I need to lay down an acoustic guitar track and, of course, the vocals, but that's impossible with the clamor. I still hope to somehow get the thing done and mailed off this week. If not, than next week. Life is very busy. But the singles are always important to me and I take a great deal of time putting them together. Sometimes, though, it takes longer than I thought to get everything finished.