Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

About Last Night

Last night, Gary Bugg (Amy's dad) held a little get-together for Amy and Brian Temples who are (I think) engaged. Brian's band played a strong set (though I only got to see the first five or six songs and SADLY missed Amy stepping in on bass for "Cinnamon Girl") and I got to gab with a few old friends I hadn't been in contact with for ages. Amy and I talked about jamming some time down the road and I surely hope we do, though she is moving to Charlottesville. Some great news I received at the party came in the form of a call from George (Nipe) who informed me that Mike Hicks was flying in from Spain to spend a couple weeks in the area. George seemed pretty excited and I know I was. We're definitely going to make plans to jam a couple times together. It'll be great to see Mike again!