Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

A Great Year For UFOs

The Book of Kills Singles Club is open! If you haven't subscribed...remember, you get an eleven track CD of all new BOK music this month (August), plus 5 or 11 (depending upon the duration of your subscription) more CD singles, each one with at least two previously unreleased tracks! Single #2 (out in September) will feature six songs!

And don't forget...Book of Kills can be streamed and downloaded just about anywhere in the world on Apple Music, Amazon, CDBaby, Rhapsody, Rdio, Google Play, Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, and so on and so forth!

As I've said here before, there simply is never enough time to get everything finished that I'd planned to get done each day. But yesterday I had a free couple of hours and I did finish up the front cover artwork for the second single. It's a bit of a send-up of another (famous) artist's latest CD compilation. I couldn't resist. I'm still working on the mastering of the songs. It should be a pretty cool single. More like a CD-5 (remember those?) actually, than a single. (Why did we call those things CD-5's anyway? I mean, some of them had three tracks, or four, or five, or sometimes even more. Why didn't we just call them E.P.s?) I think I'll complete the rest of the four panel insert today and finish up the mastering of the six songs as well, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Two things of note on this day in music: (1) In 1961, Patsy Cline recorded her masterful version of "Crazy"...despite having been severely injured just two months earlier in a car crash in which she'd been thrown through the windshield. They made 'em tougher back then!; and (2) Joe Strummer was born on this day in 1952...a great year, by the way, for UFO's.

Just sayin'.

“If I had five million pounds I'd start a radio station because something needs to be done. It would be nice to turn on the radio and hear something that didn't make you feel like smashing up the kitchen and strangling the cat.” -- Joe Strummer