Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

A Good Practice Was Had By All

For the first time, George, Jane, Casey, Pablo and I were able to convene in one place at the same time yesterday and jam together. It was HOT as hell in George's practice space, but we had a good time and got a lot done. It is very difficult to coordinate three guitars in one band and I spent a good bit of yesterday's practice trying to listen to Jane, Casey, George, and me and how we were meshing together. When you've got three guitars (four counting, of course, the bass), you have to work off the time-honored premise that less is definitely more. On occasion we were all too busy while at other times there wasn't enough "fullness" to what we were playing. That said, I was heartened by the amount of progress we made and how much enjoyment I got out of the practice. We cut the set list from nine songs to seven, which made sense. I have to do much more practice on my own...as do we all...that was clear. For those of you who've asked for photos and some sound from the practices, I forgot my camera (I will make every effort to bring it next week) and I'm just not ready to post any recordings from the sessions. Happily, it appears that we're going to play at the fourth annual BLOW UP THE MOON festival in late September and a show in Staunton. I'm hoping, as I've made it clear from the start, that we will continue this band in some form or fashion past the summer.

I'm playing in FOUR bands on August 17. I guess I forgot that I'm playing in a little makeshift group with Gary, Amy and Dusty Bugg(!) We're going to run through a three song Bob Dylan medley. That will be great fun. The only concern I have is being able to practice with three different bands in one day for our one and only run-through of the songs we'll perform that day. I'm really looking forward to jamming again with Amy and Dusty and Brian and Gary.