Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

A Good 2014

2014 was a decent year for Book Of Kills. Yeah, I only played one show the whole year and I'm not so sure that that wasn't the last one I'll ever play. But otherwise more and more folks seemed to be slowly but surely discovering BOK music. Certainly it was the best year ever for interest in the website. It absolutely boggles my mind that 112,959 songs were downloaded from this web page in 2014. Yeah. 112,959 songs. I have no way of figuring out precisely how many times BOK songs were streamed or downloaded on pay sites, but I can safely say that that figure definitely grew to its largest number this year as well.

The ten most popular songs streamed or downloaded (at least from the sources I was able to check) were, in no particular order, "Then I Kissed Her", "Ah Ahh Ahhh!" (the most popular BOK song of the year), "New James Shelley Blues", "Jesco White", "The Shape Of Your Eyes Go 'Round My Heart", "Religion is that I Love You", "La La La La La La (She's a Punk Rock Girl)", "Alien Girl", "What Never Was", and "The Night John Lennon Died". Interesting.

Thanks for your continued interest in BOK music. I hope you'll continue to stream and download the music as well as turn on new listeners. It makes the thousands of hours I've spent writing and recording songs over the last twenty-five years seem somehow worthwhile. I'm glad that there are folks in the world who enjoy listening.

Thanks. I'll continue to provide interesting material from years gone past as well as create new stuff. 

And stay tuned. I'm still mulling over joining Patreon. I would need your support to make that work.