Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

A 2nd Practice With All Five Of Us?

It looks as though we're going to get all five of us together again. Last week was fun and I'm looking forward to making music with Casey, Jane, George and Pablo again. As I told Casey earlier this week, we are very rough but the band has (what to me was a predictable) charisma, energy and excitement that always seems to spring from the gathering together of me, Casey and Jane. To add George to the mix only heightens the fun. And Pablo has proven to be a really imaginative, intuitive part of the line-up. He has obviously spent a good deal of time on his own listening to the original tracks and coming up with his own ideas. So, I'll be chomping at the bit for 4:30 to get here...a crappy time to practice (at least for me) but at least we're practicing!

Still two weeks until Fear + Whiskey and BOK line-up #1 get together. Can't wait!