Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

# Eleven

Happy Fourth of July, American visitors to this page! Did you know the melody for the Star Spangled Banner was lifted by Francis Scott Key from a popular, at the time, drinking song?

On this day in 1054, Supernova SN1054 was first witnessed from the earth by Chinese, Arabian and American Indian people. It was bright enough to be seen in broad daylight for months after.

On this day in 1943, the Battle of Kursk, the largest battle in the history of humanity, began in Russia. The Russians, of course, eventually turned back the Nazis. Both sides suffered devastating losses, but one could argue that losing this battle crippled the Germans' hopes of winning WW II. So thank the Russians for helping to save your ass from Hitler.

I have not begun work on number 11. Said I would, but I haven't. It will get done. Don't worry. Everything's cool. I just don't have the focus I need to write and record a couple new songs. That will come. Honest. Who knows when? But I'll get it done and number 12. 

Today (in 1966, that is) began probably the two scariest days in the lives of The Beatles. 

The Clash made their live debut on this day in 1976 supporting the Sex Pistols.

"The writing process...it's too mysterious to try to describe." -- Mick Jones