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4/6ths Are Gone...Farewell, Sir George!

Four-sixths of the Beatles' innermost circle are gone now.

The great, legendary genius Sir George Martin has died. His influence on rock music is incalculable.

Many online publications just reporting his death are referring to him at the "true Fifth Beatle" but in a way I think that so-called honorary title diminishes his brilliance. "Fifth Beatle" has sort of a hokey, side-kick-y ring to it and George Martin was never anyone's sidekick. He was The Beatles' PRODUCER and occasional fifth musical member. He was the greatest record producer who ever lived and no one will ever usurp his title. In some ways, he invented the role. I won't try to enlarge any further upon what everyone else is saying about him.

This day has become a very sad one as I've become aware of his passing. I hope that somehow, in some way, Sir George is now in the company of John Lennon and George Harrison, my two most beloved music idols, again after all these years. There would be no Beatles as we know them now if not for him. That's a stone cold fact.

I noted not too long ago on one of the BOK Singles of the Month inserts that I learned almost everything I ever knew about recording from listening to Beatles records. George Martin was perhaps the greatest teacher I ever had. Thank you, Sir George.