Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

3 Years Ago Today...

I am getting over the worst cold I've had in many years. Still going to go to practice tonight. Can't skip one if you can make it.

Here's a strange thing...yesterday it struck me that a good song for the new band to incorporate into its repertoire would be "Before and Ever After" from 1992's DON'T STOP THE SCREAM. (The Dave and Brian Buracker version of Book of Kills played the song a few times back in the late '90s.) Anyway, as you probably know, I frequently publish the top twenty BOK songs of the month on Apple Music (I don't subscribe to Spotify since they pay the artists they make their money off of even less than Apple Music) and I checked their monthly report today. The top song of the month? "Before and Ever After"! How's that for synchronicity? I have a feeling the times are ideal for that song to be brought back out. And I believe that's why, somehow, that rather obscure tune has become so popular in the past month during all the political turmoil we've experienced here in America. Anyway, here's the monthly top 20 for Jim Shelley & Book of Kills:

1. Before and Ever After
2. Fat Man & Beauty
3. My Date With Kim Deal
4. The Night John Lennon Died
5. Glass Turns to Sand
6. Lost (band version)
7. Hello Teenage America
8. Never Ending
9. Kisses of the Crying Cooks
10. Swing Shift
11. Mexican Buzzsaw
12. The Shape of Your Eyes Goes Round My Heart
13. Never Be Like You (studio version)
14. Religion Is That I Love You
15. Wild Hog in the Woods
16. Never Be Like You (band version)
17. River of Blood (live version)
18. Different Story
19. The Danger That Can Drive You Home
20. And No One's Laughing Anymore

And here's the monthly top 20 for Jim Shelley (Yes, JS and JS & BOK are treated as two different entities by all music services:

1. Am I Going Down With You?
2. Jesco White (studio version)
3. Ah Ahh Ahhh!
4. I Could Live in a Tree
5. Gone to Glory
6. Prelude to Sunshine
7. Sweet Sweet
8. Little Lulu Sunshine (Redux)
9. Three Winds to the Sheet
10. How Beautiful Are We?
11. This Is Where I Stood That Day
12. Little Lulu Sunshine
13. Matchless Mine
14. It Starts Here With Us
15. A Place Somewhere
16. We Must Try to be Alive
17. I Roam the World Between Your Thighs
18. You Don't Owe Me Anything
19. Until the Day I Meet You
20. A Bluebird Will Do (remix)

It almost seems impossible to think that it was three freaking years ago that I was working on RIDING THE ECHO DOWN. Here's what I wrote on this day in 2014:

"This seemed like the longest freaking month of all time. It has to be one of the top ten coldest, bleakest months ever. But now it's already gone! I waited patiently for some time to record the third song and finally was able to almost complete it earlier today. My dog had cancer surgery so that, of course, took up a chunk of time today since that was more important than recording my one millionth billionth song, but I was able to sneak in some quality creative time and came close to finishing up the track, which I think I'm going to call 'Painted Bird'. Now it's on to #4. How many songs will I record in all? Who knows. I suspect it will be a matter of recording more than I need as usual. I ride the wave until it breaks. There have already been some outtakes, but not very good ones. I pretty much know where I'm going with song #4. The biggest thing (as always) will be coming up with lyrics. Since the weekend's here, writing and recording will have to wait till the start of the new week. It took a while, but I really got the spark back yesterday to the point where all I could think about was recording. That's a good place for me to be. I've had two goals thus far...keep the songs very simple and yet make the arrangements complex enough to reward repeated listens. It has been fun. I hope that now I can (knock on wood) find an extended period of time to work on the album. (Remember when I was talking about just doing EPs? Ha...guess that went by the wayside. Hey, everything goes 'round in circles. Right now pop music is all about singles, but there will come a time when folks want to listen to albums again. Count on it.) Have a good weekend! Spring is just over the horizon. Hang in there!"