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147,022, 14 and 17

Over the course of the past twelve months, as of April 10, visitors to this page have downloaded songs from the audio page 147,022 times.

I'll be turning my attention to the next Single of the Month this week. I hope (we all know how the "hope" thing goes) to at least get a good base for a couple songs, or perhaps record one track in its entirety. 

On this day in 1964, The Beatles had fourteen singles in the Billboard top 100. No artist or artists have accomplished that feat in the fifty-two years since. "Can't Buy Me Love" was at the highest position at number one, while "Love Me Do" was at the lowest at number 61. It should be noted that nowadays if an artist has an album in the top 100, then all of the tracks on that album count as singles. Therefore, Drake tied the Beatles twice in 2015. In late 2015, the great Justin Bieber broke that record with 17 songs in the top 100 at one time.