Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

...And Thinking...

If you're wondering why there have been so few additions to the Music page for the last month or more, I've been far more involved in writing and recording than listening to old tapes (which is not to disparage listening to old tapes...I LOVE doing that) and I just haven't gotten 'round to putting up anything "new".

Good news as far as the CD version of BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME 5 goes...I have the PC (at least temporarily) working and I have finished work on a CD label and insert (believe me, it's not elaborate) and I will send out a copy of the album, as I explained in an earlier blog, fairly soon...probably next week. There will be a couple of additional tracks. If you bought the BandCamp version, as long as I have your current address you'll get a copy of this CD free. If you don't think I have your current address, email me.

I'm pretty close to creating a subscription service. That's not to say it's going to begin in the next couple weeks because I have to work out the logistics of how to create a subscribers-only web site or some sort of economical music delivery system. If the service is download only, it's going to be considerably cheaper than a CD-oriented service, which involves postage costs, the buying of discs and cases, and so forth. I guess I could offer both at different prices.

I think I'm moving on from the recent recording sessions which produced some cool little pop songs that will likely comprise the first offering of the subscription service. I'm gearing up to write and record a rock and roll album with lots of distorted guitar. I'd like to do the Ramones thing with the 12 songs in 20 minutes philosophy in mind.