Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

...and The Beatles!

Well, I found a copy of The Beatles's "1+ Deluxe" version with not only the 27 track best-of from 2000 (which to this day sells about 1,000 copies a week), but the two accompanying blu-rays with 50 Beatles videos. I haven't watched the videos yet (and might not till next week), but I have listened to some of the CD. It has not been (yawn) remastered yet again, but instead has been painstakingly REMIXED and the sound is simply astounding. Again, I've only heard 5-6 songs thus far (in the car on my way home from Best Buy...the only store in town that I could find which had the deluxe set in stock), but what I've heard is in very modern sounding, dynamic stereo. If you've ever listened to the original early Beatles albums in stereo, you know that generally they're very clumsily mixed with most of the instrumentation on one side, a few vocals or instrumental odds and ends on the right and the lead vocal in the middle, or something similar.

However, the EMI technicians evidently were able to go back to not just the finished master tapes but the various working tapes before George Martin mixed and cut his way to a final version of each track and locate individual instruments and voices (at least where possible) so that they could create a much more aurally pleasing, and natural, "sound stage". I'm sure there will be Beatles purists who will rail against this "tampering" with the original mixes, but I'm not one of those. I would now like for EMI to re-release all of the albums remixed. It would be great if they'd add the various rare tracks that Purple Chick bootlegs featured when they (illegally) released all of The Beatles albums (utilizing the original vinyl tracks) but I'm not too optimistic that will happen. However, maybe this "1+" deluxe set signals a new era in historic Beatles re-issues. Now if we could just have Let It Be (the movie), The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, and a few live albums of material that exists in relatively good sound, plus the track "Carnival of Light" (just because), I'd be quite satisfied.